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We are an international trading company based in Hannover, Germany, specializing in trading worldwide. As your trading partner, we can offer you a wide range of expertise in marketing and sales of your products and services. Whether you, as a manufacturer or distributor, want to start or expand the presence of your products in the international trading market or are looking for a specific overseas product or service, we can assist you in fulfilling your mission.

Shaping the Future

With over a decade of delivering quality products to a vast market in Europe, the UK, Russia, Canada, Japan, the Far East and the Middle East, and Africa, we dare say we have come to stay. Since 2006 when we started, and in 2010 when the brand was consolidated, our sights have been set on one goal; to be the world’s biggest supplier of healthy nuts, drinks, paper pulses, spices, and much more that meet international standards.

Who We Are

We do not compromise on quality, but by adopting uniquely dynamic strategies, we keep everyone happy.
CEO Message:

„THINK INTERNATIONAL, ACT REGIONAL” has always been my strategy in every plan I’m leading. The biggest growth is the biggest challenge facing any business in the world today. CS Consult & Trade UG admires the challenging environment in the market and has always welcomed the tough competition. Our goal is to be unique in everything we do and to be a role model in the industry. We need to gather all the facts, do the right research, and analyze the exact reports. We have to look at our business as a whole and not concentrate on one part.
Our goal is to be recognized as the best symbol for International Trading Company, and we will strive to grow both locally and globally.


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We know that our customers demand quality, but that is not just why we give it. Quality is embedded in our principles; true to the words of Aristotle that Quality is not an act, but a habit.


It was Charles Dickens that said Industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity. This clearly captures our desire to work with all stakeholders ensuring that we build a win-win.


Benjamin Disraeli says; “there can be an economy only where there is efficiency“. We are determined to cut costs and ensure our client base gets all the benefits they deserve


We understand the importance of building long-term relationships, and that is why we keep our word. By delivering on our promises to growers, employees, suppliers, and customers, we illustrate integrity, trust and the application of effective skills. Truly, integrity has no need of rules, according to Albert Camu


Pogan Trading Limited, we believe that no relationship can work without respect. This is what Laurence Sterne meant when he said respect for others guides our manners. Whether it’s a client, supplier or employee, their needs, demands, and aspirations are fully respected.

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